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Title: Orpheus
Label: MGM
Record Number: (S)E-4524
Release Date: 1968
Personnel (in alphabetical order): (name deleted), Eric Gulliksen, Jack McKennes, Harry Sandler
Producer: Alan Lorber - to read his bio, click here
Engineer: Eddie Smith
Recorded at: Bell Sound Studios, NYC
Peak Billboard Chart Position: #119

Available for digital download from eMusic, iTunes, amazon.com, msnMusic, Napster and Rhapsody.
Reissued 2006 by Iris Music Group. Physical CD product (IMG 149) can be ordered here.

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Song Title
I've Never Seen Love Like This (stereo)
     (original mono mix)
Lesley's World (stereo)     (original mono mix)
Congress Alley (stereo)     (original mono mix)
Music Machine (stereo)     (original mono mix)
Doorknob Song (stereo)     (original mono mix)
I'll Stay With You (stereo)     (original mono mix)
Can't Find The Time (stereo)     (original mono

Never In My Life (stereo)     (original mono mix)
The Dream (stereo)
     (original mono mix)
(name deleted)-Gulliksen

(name deleted)-Gulliksen
(name deleted)

(name deleted)
(name deleted)
Singles from this Album:
Can't Find the Time b/w
   Lesley's World

I've Never Seen Love Like This b/w
   Congress Alley
MGM K13882
1968, 1969

MGM K13947
Peak Billboard chart positions:
   #116 (1968 Release);
   #80 (1969 Re-Release)
Peak Cash Box chart positions:
   #88 (1968 Release);
   #72 (1969 Re-Release)
Peak Record World chart position:
   #85 (1969 Re-Release)
The "single edit" of Can't Find The Time was shorter than the album cut; the instrumental break was deleted.

Can't Find The Time was reissued on at least the following 45 RPM records:
  MGM Golden Circle Series No. KGC 208
  MGM Band Of Gold Series No. MVG 529
  Polydor Band Of Gold Series No. MVG 529
  Rock'n Mania No. RMGD-242A

Can't Find The Time was included in several vinyl and CD anthologies. A partial listing includes:

  Bosstown Sound - 1968: The Music And The Time   -  Ace Big Beat No. CDWIK2 167
    Click here to read the album notes
  The Best Of The Boston Sound   -  Varese Sarabande No. 306 056 235 2
  Boston Rocks   -  Sony Music Special Products No. A30809
  The Trip created by Saint Etienne   -  Family Recordings No. 98299-9
  Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials - On The Radio Vol 4   -  Varese Sarabande No. VSD 5974
  WOR FM 98.7 Solid Gold  -  Post Records
  WPOP Hear Here Vol. 2  -  no details available
  Chronicles: Deluxe Anthology Series Vol. I  -  Polygram 551
  Fallin' In Love - the Greatest Love Hits Ever Recorded (vinyl)  -  SMI 2-13K
  The Boston Sound: 1968 Revisited  -  Iris Music Group IMG-251A
  Here's A (Film) Song! (You Might Have Missed, Vol. 6  -  Iris Music Group IMG-337
  Here's A Song! (You Might Have Missed, Vol. 15, Music from the Boston Sound   -  Iris Music Group IMG-747

      Others may exist as well.

Congress Alley was included in:
  Something Called the Boston Sound  -  Iris Music Group

I'll Stay With You was included in:
  Here's A (Film) Song! (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 6  -  Iris Music Group IMG-337

I've Never Seen Love Like This was included in:
  MGM & Verve June (1968) Sampler (vinyl)   -  MGM/Verve MVP2 (UK)

COVER VERSIONS (click on the Artist's name to hear a sound clip)

 Can't Find The Time:

    The Beau Beats  -  live album cut from Now...And Then; Bone Records, 2011
    (Name Deleted)  -  album cut from Orpheus Again; BAM! Records, 2010
    The Capris  -  album cut from Here's A Song (You Might Have Missed) Vol. 2; Iris Music Group, 2007 (recorded in 1971)
    The Chick Magnets  -  live version found on ReverbNation, 2011
    The Devonsquare Trio  -  45 RPM single release on OMNI Records, 1969
    Groovin' Strings  -  album cut from Groovin' Strings And Things; Cub Records, 1968
    Hootie and the Blowfish  -  from "Me, Myself and Irene" soundtrack; Elektra / Asylum Records
        Theatrical and CD Release, 2000; DVD Release, 2001
            Read excerpts from an article about a 2006 Worcester appearance by Hootie and the Blowfish here
    Johnny Dollar  -  album cut from Quit While You're A Head; Ripete Records, 2002
    Lonesome And Then Some  -  album cut from Strangers At The Gate; independent CD release, 2006
    Orpheus Reborn  -  cut from Orpheus Reborn (limited distribution demo); Trak12 Records, 2005
    Orpheus Reborn  -  recorded live at Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant & Music Club, Somerville, MA, 2006
    Red Peters  -  parody, entitled Jala-La-La-La-La-Bad; Internet, 2002
Note: US Copyright law allows songs to be used in parodies
without the permission of the original writers, performers or publishers;
the song referenced above is an example of this practice.
Mr. Peters' web site includes the following note:
'...with thanks and apologies to the Boston band "Orpheus"'.
    Rich Goldberg  -  album cut from Eclecticity; RSG Music, 2011
    Rose Colored Glass  -  45 RPM single release on Bang Records (charted at #54 in 1971),
        single reissued on Solid Gold Records
    Stellwagen  -  limited distribution CD demo, track available on the Internet, 2008
    Wasabi  -  album cut from Wasabi; Shaka Records, 2006
    The Wits End  -  45 RPM single release on Dimension Records, 1969.
        Note that this is NOT the Dimension Records founded by Nevins and Kirshner in the early 60s.
    The X-Ceptions  -  album cut from Live At The Gables; East Coast Records, 1971

 Congress Alley:

    Clean Living  -  album cut from Clean Living; Vanguard Records, 1972
    Congress Alley  -  album cut from Congress Alley and single; AVCO Embassy Records, 1973
    Alan Lorber Orchestra and Chorus  -  single on MGM Records, 1968
    Stephen B. Martin (narrative by David Nader)   -  album cut from independent CD release Oroboros, 2000
    Orpheus Reborn  -  recorded live at Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant & Music Club, Somerville, MA, 2006

 Music Machine:

    Orpheus Reborn  -  Part of a medley recorded live at Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant & Music Club, Somerville, MA,
 Alan Lorber Orchestra:
The following compositions are not "covers" in the usual sense of the word, but are clearly pertinent and deserve to be included in this archive. Alan based these on the orchestration scores that he had written for certain Orpheus songs. We've provided links to the originals as well for purposes of comparison.
    Echo Of The Night  -  This is based on the orchestration for The Dream.
        Included in the CD reissue of The Lotus Palace on Ace Big Beat, 1997

    Ever Been To Singapore?  -  This is based on the orchestration for Lesley's World.
        Included on the CD Dancefloor Soloists Vol. 2, Iris Music Group, 2008

    Hollow In The Wind  -  This is based on the orchestration for Doorknob Song.
        Included in the CD reissue of The Lotus Palace on Ace Big Beat, 1997

All Orpheus performances copyright 1968 by Alan Lorber Productions, Inc. / Iris Properties, Inc.
All songs © 1968 by Interval Music, Inc. / Iris Properties, Inc.

"Orpheus" is a Registered Trade Mark of the Iris Music Group; Reg. No. 3,466,258.
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