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Title: Joyful
Label: MGM
Record Number: (S)E-4599
Release Date: 1969
Personnel (in alphabetical order): (name deleted), Eric Gulliksen, Jack McKennes, Harry Sandler
Producer: Alan Lorber - to read his bio, click here
Engineer: Eddie Smith
Recorded at: Mayfair Studios, NYC
Peak Billboard Chart Position: #198

Available for digital download from eMusic, iTunes, amazon.com, msnMusic, Napster and Rhapsody.
Reissued 2006 by Iris Music Group. Physical CD product available soon.

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Song Title
By The Size Of My Shoes
Me About You
May I Look At You
To Touch Our Love Again
Lovin' You
Brown Arms In Houston
As They All Fall
I Can Make The Sun Rise
Of Enlightenment
(name deleted)
(name deleted)-Gulliksen
(name deleted)-Gulliksen-McKennes
(name deleted)
(name deleted)-Gulliksen
(name deleted)-Gulliksen
(name deleted)
Singles from this Album:
Brown Arms In Houston b/w
   I Can Make The Sun Rise

By The Size Of My Shoes b/w
MGM K14022

MGM K14139
Peak Billboard chart position: #97
Peak Cash Box chart position: #88
Peak Record World chart position: #90

Brown Arms In Houston was reissued on at least the following 45 RPM records:
  MGM Band Of Gold Series No. MVG 529
  Polydor Band Of Gold Series No. MVG 529

Brown Arms In Houston was included in at least the following anthologies:
  Bosstown Sound - 1968: The Music And The Time   -  Ace Big Beat No. CDWIK2 167
    Click here to read the album notes
  The Best Of The Boston Sound   -  Varese Sarabande No. 306 056 235 2
  Fire On Route 10 (Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness)   -  Iris Music Group IMG-502A

By The Size Of My Shoes is included in the anthology
  I See The Traces Of Thee   -  Iris Music Group IMG-201

Of Enlightenment is included in the anthology
  I See The Traces Of Thee   -  Iris Music Group IMG-201

      Others may exist as well.

COVER VERSIONS (click on the Artist's name to hear a sound clip)

 Brown Arms In Houston:

    Sandra Alexandra  -  album cut from The Intimate Side Of Sandra Alexandra; Universal Records, circa 1973
    Mike Melvoin, aka The Plastic Cow  -  album cut from The Plastic Cow Goes MOOOOOOG; Dot Records, 1970

 By The Size Of My Shoes:

    The Elders  -  album cut from Looking For The Answer; Audio Fidelity Records, circa 1971
        Reissued on CD by RetroDisc Records, 2006
 Alan Lorber Orchestra:
The following composition is not a "cover" in the usual sense of the word, but is clearly pertinent and deserves to be included in this archive. Alan based this on the orchestration scores that he had written for an Orpheus song. We've provided a link to the original as well for purposes of comparison.
    The Gospel Paul  -  This is based on the orchestration for By The Size Of My Shoes.
        Included on the CD Here's A Song (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 9, Iris Music Group, 2009

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