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Robert Emmet Dunlap

Robert Emmet Dunlap

Robert Emmet Dunlap was born in South Boston, "The Irish Riviera", where, early in his career, he was a founding member of popular local bands, The Boston Mass, Hummit, and Newsboy. He has worked as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter in both the U.S. and Ireland. In the field of traditional Irish music, he has performed and recorded with such artists as Dillon O'Brian, Metropolitan Opera award winner Dennis McNeil, "Titanic" trad band Gaelic Storm, and was lead guitarist for Los Angeles' premier Irish band, The Twilight Lords, for eight years. He has done numerous theater productions at the Celtic Arts Center in Hollywood and did a weekly ten-minute spot for Irish Radio from L.A.

While living in Ireland, "Boston Bob" spent a year touring with rock legend Noel Redding of "Jimi Hendrix Experience" fame, and developed an increasing love for Irish tunes and ballads that he brought with him to Los Angeles. Hosting a weekly session at the Celtic Arts Center on Hollywood Boulevard, "Robert Emmet's Flying Circus", he juggled everything from jazz standards to blues, Irish, Scottish, and American folk songs, Show tunes, Opera singers, and the "International Celtic Samba Band", (occasionally dropping an Opera singer).

After ten years in sunshine and smog, performing on stage and recording with singers such as Delaney Bramlett, Paul Brady, Mary Black, and Bonnie Raitt, and working the jazz clubs, Irish pubs, and concert halls of L.A., he has recently come home to South Boston to spend time with family, shovel snow, and record and promote original songs through his publishing company, Prodigal Salmon Music. His song Mick Ryan's Lament is featured on the album Two Journeys by Nashville bluegrass wizard Tim O'Brien.

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