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Dancefloor Soloists, Vol. 2
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Coquette - Earl "Fatha" Hines Quartet
Texas Ruby Red - Earl "Fatha" Hines Quartet
Sunset Suite - Alan Lorber Orchestra
The Look Of Love - Alan Lorber Orchestra
Ever Been To Singapore? - Alan Lorber Orchestra*
O.D. (Overdose) - Freddie Redd / Howard McGhee Quintet
Theme For Sister Salvation - Freddie Redd / Howard McGhee Quintet
Time To Smile - Freddie Redd / Howard McGhee Quintet
Rupaka Dha Teri Dhin Dhin - Collin Walcott
Papa's Tune - Bob Mintzer
Puerto Rico Me Illama - Latin Soul Orchestra
Sailing In Space - John Ranger

* Note on Track 5: Based on the orchestral score for Orpheus' Lesley's World

Compilation and Original Recordings produced by Alan Lorber

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