An Informal Evening with Orpheus Reborn

Although Orpheus Reborn has not, until now, been a regular part of the “club scene,” we’ve considered it for some time, searching for the proper venue. We’ve found it at the Seaport Bar and Grille, 150 Northern Ave. in Boston (between the World Trade Center and Anthony’s Pier 4). The Seaport provides a kind of “cabaret” environment, where we can be close to and interact with our audience in a way that isn’t possible in a festival or concert environment.

On the second and fourth Thursdays of the next several months, we’ll be presenting An Informal Evening with Orpheus Reborn at the Seaport. We’re not only performing our normal repertoire of songs, but presenting and “trying out” new songs, showcasing performances by different group members both individually and in sub-groups, and generally having a good time with friends both old and new.

We hope that you will join us for several of these evenings. They’re a lot of fun. We start at about 8 PM.

There are a lot of parking meter locations on side streets, and several $9 parking lots as well. In addition, the World Trade Center Station of the Silver Line is within easy walking distance.

Just a cautionary note: New England winters being what they can be (so far this year has obviously been different), it’s possible that we may be hit with a major snowstorm on one of these nights. Since several of us have a long way to travel (and you may as well), if this should occur the performance may be cancelled. If you look out your window and see white stuff falling from the heavens, it’d be a good idea to check with the Seaport at 617-357-8121 before sticking your nose out the door. If you've signed up for Orpheus Reborn News ( we'll do our best to notify you of any cancellation by e-mail.

See you soon!

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