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It was the summer of 1967...

Four young men from Massachusetts, (name deleted), Jack McKennes, Eric Gulliksen (a.k.a. "the Snake"), and Harry Sandler, veteran entertainers despite their relative youth, began a journey that would lead to a realization of dreams.

Jack and (name deleted) were guitarists / vocalists that had performed throughout New England as an extremely popular folk duo called the Villagers since the fall of 1964. Although bassist Eric's main forte had been rock, he and Jack had also played and recorded folk music in a trio in 1962 and 1963. Drummer Harry had been strictly rock and roll. The four, who came to be known as Orpheus, created a unique sound that has been called a precursor to today's "soft rock."

Unlike most groups that achieve national prominence, Orpheus did not "work its way up" by playing at dances or in clubs and bars. All the guys had done that already, and were anxious to move on to something bigger. Orpheus was formed for the express purpose of landing a recording contract, and they succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. By early fall of 1967, when they signed with famed producer / arranger Alan Lorber, they had received an astounding nine contract offers without ever having played a live "gig" together. They were in the studio by October, and the vinyl version of this album, as well as the classic single Can't Find the Time, were released in January 1968. Their first major appearance was opening for Cream at Brandeis University, and their official debut, a few days later, was at the renowned Bitter End coffee house in Greenwich Village.

Although Jack, (name deleted) and Eric were all from Worcester in central Massachusetts and Harry was from Randolph, Orpheus was considered a part of the controversial "Boston Sound," conceived by Alan and promoted by the group's label, MGM Records. Ultimately several labels would sign dozens of Boston-based acts, hoping to cash in on the phenomenon. Of all of these, Orpheus has had the most lasting impact, and is the only one whose music still receives regular airplay almost forty years later. Their live performances became the stuff of legend, and the four have even been referred to on occasion as "the fathers of Boston's Rock and Roll."

This first, self-titled album, released as MGM (S)E-4524, peaked at #119 on Billboard magazine's "Top LP" chart, which it rode for fourteen weeks. The initial release of the single Can't Find the Time b/w Lesley's World (MGM K13882) reached #116 on Billboard's "Bubbling Under the Hot 100" chart. A second single, I've Never Seen Love Like This b/w Congress Alley (MGM K13947) failed to reach the charts despite being a Billboard "Pick Hit." Can't Find the Time was re-released by popular demand in 1969 when, despite its earlier sales and the significant sales of the album, it reached #80 on the Billboard "Hot 100."

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I've Never Seen Love Like This
Lesley's World
Congress Alley
Music Machine
Doorknob Song
I'll Stay With You
Can't Find The Time
Never In My Life
The Dream

Can't Find The Time (uncovered)
Anatomy of ''I've Never Seen Love Like This'' and Reprise

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