Minute Men Album Cover
Gladwynne # GL/GLS 2011
Recorded: 1963
This is a reissue of the first commercial
  recordings by future Orpheus /
  Orpheus Reborn members
  Jack McKennes and
  Eric Gulliksen


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Now available on a Trak12 CD.


Throughout the ages, folk music has been the most vivid expression of the thoughts and emotions of the peoples of the world. In recent years, this medium of expression has manifested itself among the colleges and universities of the nation. Wide exposure via the radio and television screen have brought this music into everyone's home.

This recording presents for your listening pleasure enjoyment one of the newest college folk groups to become prominent in this field of entertainment. The Minute Men, hailing from Worcester, Mass., represent several of the colleges in the area. Dave Beaber, leader of the group, plays classical and 12- string guitar, and comes from Jenkintown, Penna. Eric Gulliksen, who plays bass and guitar, is from Cheshire, Conn. Jack McKennes, a native of Worcester, is the 5 string banjo and guitar expert and lead tenor for the group. Dave and Eric attend Worcester Poly, and Jack is a student at Worcester Junior College.

The selections in this album include the traditional and the contemporary; the lively and the reflective. The listener can surely appreciate the value of the folk idiom from the variety of expression which Gladwynne is proud to present here.