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Here's A Song! © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 9
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Proud Woman - Greg Harris (Gregory Havrilak)
Long Black Veil - Michael Packer & Sandy Allen
Little Game (Even Smaller Game) - Barbara St. Pierre & Birdz Sessions
Sunset Suite - Alan Lorber Orchestra
Valley Of Eyes - Front Page Review
The Gospel Paul - Alan Lorber Orchestra*
Bullfrog Blues - Free Beer
Oh, Julianna - John Sweeney
Shadowboxing - Joe Droukas
The Writing On The Wall - Joe Droukas

Compilation and Original Recordings produced by Alan Lorber
except Track 3 produced by Larry Vigneault and Birdz Sessions.

* Note on Track 6: This is based on the orchestration for Orpheus' By The Size Of My Shoes

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