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Joyful, Orpheus' third album, was recorded in February of 1969, and featured a perfect melding of Alan Lorber's incredible neo-classical orchestration with the instrumental and vocal talents of the group. Released in April as MGM
SE-4599, the album peaked at no. 197 on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart. Today it is recognized as a classic of innovation, far ahead of its time.

Included in Joyful's unique arrangements were the multi-layered abstract vocals of the title song, one of the first uses of a D-tuned bass in As They All Fall, as well as one of the first, and only, uses of dual bass parts on several songs. In these, relatively conventional bass parts and sounds were used to support the orchestra, while complementary bass guitar parts, both more melodic and more rhythmic, were interwoven with the group's guitars and the orchestra to produce added musical colors.

The first single release from the album was Brown Arms in Houston b/w I Can Make The Sun Rise (MGM K14022), which peaked at no. 97 on the Billboard "Hot 100." A second single, By The Size Of My Shoes b/w Joyful (MGM K14139) was released early in 1970, but failed to chart.

Sadly, Joyful was to be the final recording by the original Orpheus. Shortly after a triumphant performance in the Sculpture Garden of the New York Museum of Modern Art, honored by a six-column photo and review on the front page of the New York Times Sunday Theater Section, the group disbanded. As Alan said in a 1992 article for Goldmine magazine: "No longer did sweet tones of an enchanted lyre drift past Congress Alley windows. Orpheus, the 'Music-Bringer,' singers mostly of love songs, the four who had laughed with Pan, vanished forever."

The magnificent harmonies and orchestration of the title song Joyful, leading seamlessly into (name deleted)'s introspective and reflective Of Enlightenment, provide an apt finalé to a musical experience that was far too brief.

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By The Size Of My Shoes
Me About You
May I Look At You
To Touch Our Love Again
Lovin' You
Brown Arms In Houston
As They All Fall
I Can Make The Sun Rise
Of Enlightenment

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