Partial VILLAGERS Discography

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Note: One of the members of the Villagers has requested that his name be removed from this page. As a courtesy to this individual, we have replaced his name with (name deleted), despite the fact that it was a part of the original text and is common knowledge.

Fuzz, Acid & Flowers Revised Cover

Victoria - The Vydels

* Victoria * Victoria * The Victors * The Vigilaires * Vigilantes * The Vikings * The Vikings *
* The Village Outcast (aka as The Outcasts) * Villagers (FL) * Villagers (FL) * Villagers (MA) *
* Villagers (NC) * Villagers (OH) * Villagers (SC) * Villagers * Villagers * The Villains *
* Viola Crayola * The Viscount V * Viscounts * Vision of Sunshine * The Visions * Vondells *
* Von Ruden * Eric Von Schmidt * The Voyagers * The Vydels *



Personnel incl:
(name deleted) gtr, vcls A
JACK McKENNES gtr, vcls A

A Worcester, Massachusetts folk duo in 1966 who released no 45s. (name deleted) and McKennes would find considerable success after forming Orpheus with Eric Gulliksen of the Blue Echoes and Harry Sandler of the Mods.

(Max Waller)

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